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Back Fit 6 Week Challenge

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WHAT YOU WILL GET Check out the great features:

6 Week 'Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU!' Challenge.

Visualisations and guided meditations with coach Claire Cox to empower your personal transformational journey, for daily use.

Nutritional advice and recipes to really maximise your results.


Will L

"I spent 1 hour with Liz and I’m on the road to recovery, doing the exercises she gave me. I can walk and more importantly sit down now!!!!!!"

Lynn S

"My back was in a pretty poor state when I first went to Back Fit. Over the weeks and months the care, attention and specialist help I have received, has not only transformed my back, but also the well being of my whole body which is now energised and back in balance."

Harriette H

"As a ‘bad back’ sufferer, I find Elizabeth’s Pilates classes invaluable. Not only do they help to keep me pain free, but strengthening my ‘core’ and flattening my tummy helps my clothes fit better too!"